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Public Works

Upper Frederick Township’s Public Works Department has 4 full-time employees. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of approximately 14 miles of Township roads. In addition, the Township has a winter service agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to plow an additional 9 miles of state roads within the Township borders.


Removal of snow and ice, roadway patching, paving and surface treatments, storm drainage, signs, brush cutting and right-of-way maintenance are some the responsibility of the Public Works Department. They also are responsible for all ground maintenance at the township building and all the township parks. The Public Works Department oversee all contractors used to perform major paving and other projects.

Winter Preparation

There are always a number of important road and bridge enhancement projects in process in Upper Frederick Township. The Township Public Works Crew takes pride in their ability to keep the Township roads clear during winter storm events. We have recently completed the construction of a new salt shed. It is a 40 feet by 40 feet contained area that will store up to 800 tons of salt.

Winter Reminders

Please do not park in any roadway during or immediately after a snow storm. It makes it difficult for the plows to remove snow and ice properly and could also result in damage to your vehicle from snow being cast off the plows. Shoveling, pushing, pilling or dumping snow from your driveway into the road is a dangerous practice and can cause injuries. Mailboxes are always a problem associated with snow plowing. Please remember the Township is not responsible for damage to your mailbox by discharge of snow. We cannot determine the result of snow being cast off the plows. Be sure of mailbox placement and sturdiness; mailboxes are installed at your own risk in the right of way. Please be courteous, not only to other drivers and your neighbors, but to the men who are putting in very long hours to keep our roads clear and safe for all to travel. Use caution when approaching snow removal equipment. Please stay back farther than normal.

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the Township Office at 610-754-6436.