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Fire Company

Upper Frederick Fire Company

The Upper Frederick Township Fire Company is composed solely of volunteers who serve the community. Currently there are 42 active personnel serving the fire company in administration, firefighting and fire police activities. Community support is vital to our organization. Anyone wishing to volunteer their time as a firefighter or as a non-firefighting support is welcome to stop in the fire house on Little Road on Monday nights at 7 PM.

Upper Frederick Fire Company Building and Vehicles

Responsibilities & Funding

The Upper Frederick Township Board of Supervisors is responsible for ensuring fire protection in the Township, as established by the Second Class Township Code. Similar to many other rural and suburban communities in the Commonwealth, the Board of Supervisors relies on a volunteer fire company to provide fire protection. In Upper Frederick Township, the Upper Frederick Fire Company is to provide fire protection throughout the Township. The Upper Frederick Fire Company relies entirely on volunteers to provide fire protection, and they are always looking for more volunteers.

Funding for the Fire Company comes from a variety of sources such as Foreign Fire Tax from the Commonwealth, Fundraisers and Donations.

The Township also pays Workers Compensation for the volunteers, diesel fuel, and vehicle insurance. Occasionally the Township assists with the purchase of needed equipment by making contributions to the Fire Company when necessary.