Who do I contact about road issues?

Upper Frederick Township Roads


Many roads in Upper Frederick Township are owned by the Township and maintained by the Township road crew.  However, we also have several State and County owned roads that the Township does not maintain.  Below is a list of State and County owed roads in the Township.  If you have concerns about these roads please contact the appropriate agency at the number provided below so it can be addressed by them as quickly as possible.  


Examples of concerns:  pot holes, drainage issues, road site issues, road side mowing and signs. 


Upper Frederick Township Roads

Call: 610-754-6436



PennDOT State Roads (within Upper Frederick Township)

Call: 1-800-FIX-ROAD

  • Nieffer Road
  • Fagleysville Road
  • Little Road
  • Big Road (Rt.73)
  • Gravel Pike (Rt.29)
  • Perkiomenville Road
  • Hill Road


Montgomery County Roads (within Upper Frederick Township)

Call:  610-275-1222

  • Deep Creek Road
  • Green Lane Road
  • Synder Road

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